Director & CEO

Mrs Judy Ledger

Founder and Chief Executive of Baby Lifeline Training Ltd
Creator and leader of BIRTH2 UK Training

Judy qualified as a state registered nurse in 1978 in Coventry, and worked as a staff nurse in accident and emergency ITU, then cardio thoracic ITU and neurosurgery ITU until leaving to work as a corporate medico technical representative specialising in intra operative cardio vascular products in one third of the UK.

Baby Lifeline was founded in 1979 (following her loss of three babies consecutively – all born prematurely), and became incorporated and registered as a charity in 1981, just before the birth of her first son Richard.

Thanks to excellent professional care and a great deal of clinical intervention, Judy has three children – Richard, James, and Sara, and has since devoted her life to supporting the maternity sector with the provision of equipment for maternity and neonatal units as well as multi-disciplinary professional training for best practice, based on UK published and evidence based report findings and recommendations.

Working alongside many eminent UK and international clinical and legal experts, a large number of training programmes have been based on the Confidential Enquiry recommendations, and from there the BIRTH Series (a practical training resource) was produced in the form of Videos/DVDs and CD Roms which have been distributed worldwide. This project was led by the late Professor Richard Johanson.

In 1997 Judy was conferred with an honorary Master of Arts degree from Coventry University – in recognition of her work to support maternity services, and in 2010/2011 she received three awards, The Independent on Sunday – Happy List 2011, The Forum 3 Alternative Rich List, and Pride of Britain Award – for fundraiser 2010.

Based on the 2012 ‘Ten Years of Maternity Claims’ NHS Litigation Authority Report, Judy has instigated and led the BIRTH 2 UK Maternity Training Initiative 2014, where over 3000 professionals will have access to 6 pertinent training courses highlighted in that report, in 8 UK regions. Her faculty are senior and expert clinical and legal leaders who share her mission to support best practice and safer care for women and their unborn and newborn babies.

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