Course Facilitator
Childbirth Emergencies
in the Community

Chriss Doyle

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Paramedic, Helimed79, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

Chriss started his healthcare career as a Midwife in 2011. During his midwifery degree, Chriss organised his own ambulance placement following several chance encounters with ambulance crews. This experience developed Chriss’ interest improving continuity of care for women between the community, ambulance and hospital.

After Chriss graduated from Bedfordshire University, he worked as a Band 6 Midwife at The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust before moving to Buckinghamshire Health NHS Trust. Around the same time, Chriss began working as an Emergency Medical Technician and then a Student Paramedic with South Central Ambulance Service. He decided to study paramedic science as a way to contribute to delivering continuity of care between hospital and community; as well as bringing his midwifery skills and knowledge to the ambulance service, and vice-versa.

Once qualified as a Paramedic, Chriss started work with the Welsh Ambulance Service, and qualified as a Practice Educator. At the start of 2019, Chriss moved to Scotland where he currently works for Helimed79, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.

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