Course Facilitator

Aleksander Hepner

Clinical Education Manager/Paramedic, South Central Ambulance Service

Aleksander is one of the first International Paramedics to join SCAS in 2015. Previously he worked in Poland as a Paramedic in A&E, Paediatric ICU and with the Ambulance Service for 8 years. As a senior Paramedic he was responsible for the training and clinical development of nearly 500 fellow clinicians.

Having a vast range of experience, Aleksander was also a co-author of “Procedures for Mass Casualty Incidents for Paramedics and EOC Dispatchers” published in 2015, and a spokesperson for the Ambulance Service as well.

In his current role as an Education Manager within the Education Department Aleksander teaches Emergency Care Assistants, Associate Ambulance Practitioners and Paramedics. His portfolio of teaching starts in such areas as: Maternity, Resuscitation, Difficult Access/Challenging Environment Extrication and finishes on Manual Handling and Conflict Resolution (Assault avoidance and de-escalation techniques).

Throughout his time in Education, Aleksander’s work is highly praised by not only his colleagues and managers, but also by his students, and he was twice nominated for the Educator of the Year award: in 2017 and in 2018.


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