Learning from Five Years of Cerebral Palsy Claims:
Past, Present, & Future Trends in Litigation

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  • Mr Majid Hassan
    BIRTH2 Course Director
    Learning From Five Years of
    Cerebral Palsy Claims
Start Time Name Details Location Price
January 18, 2019

Learning from Five Years of Cerebral Palsy Claims – Guernsey – 18 January 2019

Guernsey £120.00
Guernsey £120.00
November 2, 2018

Learning from Five Years of Cerebral Palsy Claims – Birmingham – 2 November 2018

Gateley Plc, 111 Edmund St, Birmingham, B3 2HJ £120.00
Gateley Plc, 111 Edmund St, Birmingham, B3 2HJ £120.00

“We would like to thank Baby Lifeline for supporting the work of NHS Resolution with this event to drive forward the recommendations from our report ‘Five years of cerebral palsy: a thematic review of NHS Resolution data’. It will be an excellent opportunity to hear from the author, Dr Michael Magro, former Darzi Fellow at NHS Resolution. With a greater understanding of how these potentially life-changing events occur, we can strive to minimise the likelihood of avoidable cerebral palsy incidents from happening.”
Denise Chaffer, Director of Safety and Learning, NHS Resolution

Aims of the Course

To provide an understanding of the main trends in obstetric incidences; setting a context following the ‘Five years of cerebral palsy claims: a thematic review of NHS Resolution data’ report, lessons learned and strategies for implementation into practice to improve outcomes for mother and baby, and the clinical team.

Please note: Clinical and legal examples will be provided throughout this course to illustrate learning points

Relevant For

For all members of the maternity team including midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists, together with risk managers, claims managers, and lawyers handling clinical negligence claims.


This unique one-day course focuses on the following important elements of clinical negligence and new case law for maternity teams:

  • ‘Five years of cerebral palsy claims: a thematic review of NHS Resolution data’ – key findings
  • NHS Resolution driving recommendations from ‘Five years of cerebral palsy claims: a thematic review of NHS Resolution data’ report
  • Consent to treatment issues in Maternity claims
  • The Patient’s Perspective
  • The Clinician’s Perspective
  • Why does intrapartum management remain a fundamental issue in so many cases?
  • Personal accountability & whistleblowing
Speakers Confirmed So Far

Dr Michael Magro – Former Darzi Fellow, NHS Resolution, and Author of the Five Years of Cerebral Claims report.

James Badenoch QC – 1 Crown Office Row. James was counsel in the landmark case of Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015] which has huge implications for the way the law deals with consent.

Tora Clark-Ward – Risk & Governance Midwife at Rosie Maternity Hospital, and soon to join the Healthcare Safety Investigations Branch (HSIB).

Becky Wilson-Crellin – Senior Maternity Clinical Advisor Safety and Learning Team, NHS Resolution

The Need for Training

This is an essential course for all those involved in the care of women and their babies who need to understand how recent developments in the legal and regulatory landscape will impact on their scope of practice.

‘Five years of cerebral palsy claims’ is a detailed analysis of clinical and non-clinical themes from cerebral palsy claims, with an aim of disseminating shared learning and highlighting areas of improvement. In the last Annual Report by NHS Resolution maternity claims accounted for 50% of the total value of claims in the NHS – a year-on-year trend. With litigation costs increasing, learning from past incidences to prevent harm has never been more paramount.