In response to the issues outlined in pertinent CESDI reports, Baby Lifeline -a charity established in 1981, “to provide care for unborn babies, new-born babies and their mothers” – approached various charitable trusts and companies for funding and produced an exciting and informative educational video series for junior doctors and midwives. Financial assistance for Baby Lifeline’s work is limited and so a modest charge is made for each video.

Every mother’s expectation is the delivery of a healthy baby, but sadly, for some the reality is different. Modern technology offers new opportunities for health professionals to better understand the behaviour and environment of the baby in the womb. Excellent communication and interpretation skills are necessary for optimizing outcomes. To date, technology has moved at a faster rate than training and so skill gaps have been the resulting trend.

The BIRTH Series (2000), “Learning from CESDI”, has been produced by leading experts. They draw on individual strengths and knowledge in order to present a balanced viewpoint on aspects of technology and modern healthcare management. Together within clinical governance, the series uses the foundations of best evidence and a willingness to learn from mistakes in order to bridge the skills gap. It is hoped the series will help to promote an understanding of potential problems that may occur during the birth process. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives have officially endorsed the programme and we are also working in association with the recent “Working towards Safer Childbirth” document produced by both colleges.

THE BIRTH PROCESS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS JOURNEY A BABY HAS TO MAKE AND MAJOR DEVIATIONS FROM THE NORM DO NOT HAPPEN OFTEN. When they do happen they must be acted on promptly and these videos should enable the health professional to be primed for any such occurrence.”


BIRTH Trailer

Baby Lifeline Training Ltd sells and distributes the B.I.R.T.H. Series DVDs on behalf of Baby Lifeline Trading Ltd, a subsidiary of Baby Lifeline Ltd.